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There are way more quests in RS3

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Osrs is muuuuuuch slower than RS3, so far as ironman differences move I say the main distinction is runecrafting, RS3 has runespan that's a fast at low degrees slow in high lvls no ess needed RS gold training procedure but also no runes gained, and of course we have many more ways of getting ess and faster to accumulate. Crafting for ironmen includes mining gems in alkharid mine and cutting them (can create bracelets with necklaces to make porters with innovation which bank certain items on collection). Slayer is exactly the same as osrs however you kill things much quicker with eoc so its faster xp even at reduced levels, the higher lvls you can kill many enemies simultaneously and induce agro mobs to you (believe barraging smoke devils).

There are way more quests in RS3 however they unlock a whole lot more things and give more xp to way. Mining/smithing happen to be reworked so now you create tier appropriate equipment, not 85 to get rune (such as melee only). Invention and archaeology provide a vast selection of buffs and qol to many sections of RuneScape game. If you unlock prifddinas and much more so to the full anachronia program at 85, agility picks up at 75. Im not sure what to say you can join/guest such as iron household, iron center, iron gods, iron elites, and iron pvm to get help/questions in iron clans.

Questing is normally better than OSRS in RS3. Some very wonderful QOL things for irons is smithing such as makes you at level equipment (so level 40 rune gear is created at level 40 smithing) therefore melee is easy to receive a simple kit for. Very similar to OSRS quests are quickest way to acquire levels. You avoid the largest drawback to vs OSRS in no MTX for irons. Earning curve is going to be battle but revolution bars will get you all the way there simply should make sure you trigger some defensives manually when you want them. Gradually work your way up and you should be good for bossing once your level that is geared and high.I Hope That the OSRS team has learned from RS3

Before I start, I'm one of the players who performs RS3 to buy RuneScape gold and OSRS. The two games are vastly different, aside from the obvious that has been said over and over again. One is the lore of RuneScape game. I recall as a child playing with RS in 2007 while doing quests back 22, learning about Saradomin, Zamorak, and Guthix. It got my imagination rolling wondering who these entities were. The generals, the armies. It felt like the entire world was opening up and the best was yet to come. This especially peaked for me with the quest"While Guthix Sleeps", which I hold as the BEST Runescape quest ever published. Then came 2013...

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