Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

Perhaps a different mechanic may be used

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I think it's a good idea but needs refinement: Folks would only move their things to be on the top end of the 10 percent, there by pushing the average GE cost, rinse and repeat and the cost of the thing on that day will probably bloat very sharply. If issue 1 exists, than players will stock pile items and wait to OSRS gold market on the day, since it's the cost and an automated payout can be manipulated. I believe there needs to be a lockdown on the purchase price of the day's thing, prior to it being revealed as the thing of the afternoon.

Perhaps a different mechanic may be used, such as the item of the day is worth 1.1X it's average GE value in gold should you fall it straight in the pit. It's 10% less expensive on average to throw the things in to your pet. I presume this could be mistreated that the at precisely the ways I listed above but only a thought. Could also tackle it by not telling us what item is being sunk. There is zero reason for us knowing it besides to abuse that, so just do not tell us. I'm sure some folks might figure it out, but they'd be guessing, and they might also switch up the thing to 2-3 objects rotating throughout the day or any number of alternatives to deal with individuals abusing it.

It would be challenging to identify through just blind guessing true, but this is exactly the kind of difficulty that fundamental machine learning is really good at tackling. Make it select one of the top 5 items at random. Great luck finding the 5 and guess which random of those five it actually is. I meant like when a product is picked we'd know almost instantly, not ahead (you could attempt to predict ahead of time but that may not be accurate like you mentioned ).

The way I read OP's layout there will be a massive number of those'underwater thing' taken off the market after it's chosen. So this massive spike in thing sells and/or related rapid change in the curve would be an instant alarm bell. Any marginally effectively trained algorithm would have the ability to buy RuneScape gold decide on these sink items up (presuming they were really having an effect on the market, which if they are not, then what is the point). With the method I am describing it would not be something you could call ahead of time but it would be something which you would know fairly fast after it occurred.

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