One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden

Until you start getting into Mythic raiding

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I am not comfortable if you can play in the"pre-patch" of shadowlands with no bfa expansion but that might be a good time to jump. That is typically a month before the actual introduction of the expansion. If anybody can confirm that you can play shadowlands prepatch without bfa that will be useful wow gold to know. You don't get gametime included. Pick a large or complete pop kingdom with an even distribution of the factions, or one where you join the dominant faction. Remain clear of"New Player" realms, and also consider an RP one if you're interested in roleplay. Consider playing with no bfa expansion until shadowlands comes out.

Looking to get back into WOW Classic. Have not played since about a week prior to the Azshara patch. Wondering how to begin getting back into WOW Classic. I played with resto druid and do not really know anyone that plays so just curious about what to do once I come back and the best way to start finding people and improving. Also are the healers viable because I do not wish to perform what's best but also do not wish to lessen my odds of doing well? Probably will attempt to check into doing raids and dungeons after I somehow locate folks.

All specs are viable until you start getting into Mythic raiding or +20 dungeons. Resto Druid is considered top tier atm. This guide breaks down it. In terms of getting into classes, actually depends upon the type of content you plan to do. As a healer, you are going to discover that it's rather easy to get invitations to PUGs for many low to mid range content (Mythic+ around 15, Normal and heroic raids). If you plan on being a mythical raider, that's a bit beyond my experience I am afraid.

Okay thank you. Few things if you do not mind. Is it worthwhile to over cheap wow classic gold period level each of the healers up to test out? I also don't remember how far into the xpac I had been tbh besides that I had finished the story, I don't think had finished the other stuff like on zandalar for those outposts or whatever they were called. Any chance you can do like a small list of things that any drama who just finished the main quests should do in case I have missed stuff?

 Whether it's worth it to level among every healer is a question only you can answer for yourself. If narrative is the concern content wise, definitely finish the War Campaign. Like any other catch-up, you are gonna want to go back and work on essences you don't have. For Resto Druid, you definitely want Well of Existence, which you purchase from Mechagon and demands rep with Rustbolt Resistance.

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