Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

I understand the purpose of RuneScape mode is a limitation

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I concur. There is no fundamental difference between OSRS gold a minigame such as Castle Wars and an"alternative game-mode" like Leagues. The largest problem with some thing like Leagues is arguably that it is seasonal, which can cause the rewards unattainable after a particular period, which I will see people taking issue with. Castle Wars begin after a certain length of time or doesn't go away. I will agree with that being a problem, not a fan of unobtainable items should you missed the chance. If individuals are tradeable Jagex is basically creating new discontinued items in Old School.

This looks really cool! Though I'm somewhat unsure about cosmetics carrying over to RuneScape if they're only obtainable if you achieve a'high score at the leagues'. For alot of gamers that this is out of reach, and I'd hate to see people missing out due to the little time that they have. I hope everyone has a opportunity to acquire these benefits in RuneScape. Aside from that, I'm interested! The makeup we provide in RuneScape is going to be detailed in a future blog, but I am expecting them to all be tradeable. This means can purchase them from other people.

Please read the comments. I really don't care how hard it is for ironmen. I am not speaking about catering to a demographic. I am making sure no one time uniques are made because (1) discontinued rares are not great for the market, (2) it hurts completionists and now every merchandise is really accessible on fresh accounts, however obscenely rare (close impossible! = impossible), and (3) we voted against these sorts of uniques previously. I do not care when ironmen will have a harder time or if they're tradable. That's what I signed up for. Thanks.

I understand the purpose of RuneScape mode is a limitation where ironmen have been required to find everything. Yes, I understand we decided to limit ourselves. However, if making makeup tradeable is the only pledge for casual everyday players who cannot play these hard-core due to IRL commitments, then casual ironmen players have zero incentive to participate the seasonal leagues at all because they'd need to Old School RuneScape Gold grind crazy hours to keep up with streamers like MmorpgRS/B0aty to acquire the cosmetics on RuneScape.

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