One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden

Regrettably MUT makes them money even

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Wish they would just fire of the Madden developers of Mut 20 coins and employ 2k to create Madden for them. I use to prefer Madden over 2k back because it had a franchise mode. They allow that go down the toilet and it's not playable following a year to franchise IMO. Hope 2K has NFL simulation rights along with Madden goes the way of NBA Live... In case Madden even had half of the characteristics of NBA2k MyLeague it'd be acceptable.What I don't wonder is whether Madden nfl sacrificed graphics for performance would the majority enjoy it or not. I believe I might be in minority although I would be fine removing fancy player animations and all the background to get a exceptional functionality. Frankly, this really is the best madden I have played in years I simply wished it performed online.Lots of great ideas here that would enhance Madden nfl. We require a redditor with skills in behavioural psychology and economics to turn these into a way that EA can make money. That way that they stand a better prospect of being in Madden nfl. Frankly, with the huge fan base at this time due to the virus, they have already gained a great deal of new players (and older players back). If they were to create even just some of these improvements, I feel like it would be able to hook them in, make the whole player base much happier, bring in better reviews, etc, increasing sales. Fundamentally like an investment they'll earn on money.

I agree. They key is to get them to see it that way. I love Madden nfl, defects and all, but am realistic enough to take whenever they will benefit that EA is only going to implement improvements. It's crazy to me they don't recognize by now that when the community was cared for more, given honest bunch chances and rewards more people may not feel spited and feel as that they have to rely on third party websites for coins. Lets hope they see this and provide Madden nfl some love instead of little bandages to year with only minor improvements. I concur. What they have done with #stayandplay is how it should be in normal times.

Regrettably MUT makes them money even in its present state they have little incentive to change. They can continue to offer pack odds that are ludicrous and gamers will still spend thousands on these. Sad but true fact, it's like a cellular games monetization approach they know no matter what the whales will shell out no matter what and in some instances the whales are around YouTube opening tens of thousands of dollars in packs within 2 months, kids and even some adults see this think it's a normal thing and purchase what they can it's a crazy cycle. I can't really knock against out a creator to buy madden coins cheap for generating content so it.

I said I wouldn't mention gameplay but I have to say EA generally was skating along their NFL monopoly putting bandages on top of old busted code within Madden nfl play ever since the transfer to frostbite things continue getting buggier and buggier, it is just like the worst kept secret which at its center Madden has terrible gameplay in-game, but they do a fairly decent job with material in MUT to keep matters interesting so people often simply put up with awful gameplay since they're lovers football or the NFL in general and that the only option for them. Love all of the ideas the team captain/master players. They ought to be specific to whatever team that is starter you choose at the beginning. Can make it fair across the board since right now certain theme teams are currently getting captains/Masters' advantage.

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