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In addition to shoes, Kicks sells socks along with an assortment of bags

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In addition to shoes, Kicks sells socks along with an assortment of bags. This includes bags, messenger bags, purses, and backpacks. Although the Able Sister's store sells a wider variety of socks and shoes, Kicks is the only retailer who sells luggage. They've no effect in-game beyond aesthetics. You'll need to Animal Crossing Items do so at the Nook Stop, if you want to upgrade your inventory area.Animal Crossing: Mabel And Sable's Parents Are [SPOILER]

Longtime monopoly-holders of the fashion market of the Animal Crossing franchise, mabel and Sable, have a backstory.

Well, maintain a thought on your heart for Sable, because she has been through a lot. In Wild World, talking to her enough times will result in her opening up about her and the childhood of Mabel: their parents died when they were young, therefore Sable ended up increasing Mabel on her own. She does not go into particulars, but it must have been demanding, since among the things we know for sure is really that at one stage, Mabel's claws ended up getting frostbitten.

Sable spins the anecdote as the start of her fascination with clothes and fashion style, because the first thing she ever produced was a set of gloves for Mabel--who promptly set them on her ears, since small sisters will be small sisters--but frostbite? Hello? It explains why Mabel's the saleswoman of the Able Sisters, instead of joining her sister behind the sewing machine.

The Ables' backstory does not end there because there's another one of these: that's right, Label, the sister who hurried off into the city and left Mabel to be raised by Sable alone. Fittingly introduced in City Folk, she encountered at GracieGrace--Gracie's style shop. There's not much to her at first: something about Nook Miles Ticket her sure seems awfully familiar, but speaking with her reveals little about her past, and she is pleasant, polite.

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