One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden

About 150k in coins and some other stuff

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Then says today I won't skull and to attack him and he'll mention the line for your OSRS gold video, so I clicked him my brother had just started watching and realized exactly what was occurring, we had such garbage web that for whatever reason it actually didn't even attack, so he is yelling at me I am spam clicking the floor and panicking, it doesn't even skull me and my brother yells to run, therefore in my granite counter, plate, along with dmed I run full sprint down to edge in full panic the whole time, I will NEVER help those men make a video!

I can still remember the first time. Was selling full rune, granite protect, berserker helm, and also a d-long sword (literally my whole bank), since I wanted to begin pumping up my array and magical stats and wanted money. Because all these were adequate melee equipment I guessed I could sell it all in one go an made a RS forum post regarding it. When I get there he informs me so that I should move there to meet him, that he at the monastery. I had an Obby cape (back when they were worth a lot more) a ton of arrows I was accumulating, about 150k in coins and some other stuff. I quit and did not arrive back until annually.

I recall my very first interaction with scamming. At the time I had a little money from some barrows so I needed a pinch and a little bit of money runs. Some man in falador east bank at some uncrowded world was purchasing a whip for 2.7m and at the time they had been 2.6m reliably, so I offered it to him for what I thought was 2714k. I figured it was his full cash stack and he really wanted the whip-. A couple of hours after I realized I had been short almost half a mil whilst trying to buy the whip back I had been presumed to be profiting on.

Then I was hit by it. He gave 2174k to me. I swear to god I was pissed cheap RuneScape Mobile gold, I did not even know his name so that I could not report him. I had been scammed. And I was motivated. Worked my way up to a mute after running this scam on others for upwards of profit. This was back in 07, therefore my og accounts is Unmuted and has no strikes against it now. My days are over but fuck I invested a lot of time at cammy and falador banks buying whips for 2147k.

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