One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden One of the easiest ways of getting good at Madden

Easily the 2nd worst part of Madden right now

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I'm not upset you can make 105 gamers, but there Madden 20 coins are lots of problems. Defenses are overpowering offenses so easily, it was a problem before (how can a DE catch up to a 98 rate Lamar Jackson). However, I've noticed today, the Defensive Lineman have started jumping over my Offensive Lineman and obstructing my passes. And I can't even move from the pocket with no 85-90 speed DE producing my MADDEN MAX Lamar Jackson look like a snail. Half the time, I hardly get the ball in my RB's hands before he gets handled my a LB that was unaffected by my 100 overall O-Line, and it's not like we have defensive counters like before, or I'd understand, but it doesn't make sense to get a huge Jason Kelce to be completely untouched barreling through my lineup.

Yes, kick returns were far too redundant at the start of the calendar year, but it left grinding H2H much simpler, and with all the TOTY special teams players, you should get more kick return TDs right? Wrong, you're able to possibly get maximum 50 until the Kicker catches up from the middle and does not get blocked by your teammate right next to him, and just when you think that you can return the kick, you become tapped by the softest hit, and fumble.

Easily the 2nd worst part of Madden right now, behind Madden Max of course, it makes no sense that my RB can not possess one run at which he breaks tackles anymore and instead he gets trucked and fumbles half of the time, having an extremely high haul. I can't even remember the last time that my RB had a juke that is prosperous, or a skill move without the defense demolishing him. That is absolutely broken, I can throw an ideal dart on the run, but can't throw the ball straight just standing at the pocket without tension?? Instead I toss it to the remaining WR on a fly path up the middle, right into Jason Kelce's palms, behind the WR, together with 105 Lamar... These are my views clearly, and what I have noticed in Madden, and I know madden max has been complained about, but damn I needed to find this out.

I have a Madden Max Tannehill plus he has captured Mut 20 coins for sale by low 90's on breakaway scrambles all the time. Speed is this a joke inside this game.That's straight facts, I sold Chris Johnson since I figured I might also get a RB with higher truck and moves, than speed.Not to say he appears to throw uglier passes now than he ever did as a 100 total. Other than his speed, which I just notice being significantly better occasionally, his passing doesn't seem much better than it had been when I had him in 100.

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