Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

That's painfully obvious to any sentient being that plays runescape

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That's painfully obvious to any sentient being that plays runescape regularly.There were specific details of the original 2007 game that NEEDED to be RuneScape gold upgraded. If runescape hadn't progressed, it'd be expiring off by today (classic is a perfect example). There was no end-game content and skill like mining were not enjoyable to train for 95% of their community. Introducing alternate methods that make the abilities appealing has been a no brainer for the wellbeing of runescape. The fact that you think runescape player progression should be exactly the exact same as it was back when we were all 13-year old kids fucking around killing cows all day informs me how little you know about runescape, and how out of touch you are using the runescape participant base.

To add salt into the wound, those obvious asset flip cash grab mobile games provide better customer support than Jagex even if you don't havent spent any money at all and they do not ask for a subscription fee of 11monthly. When I am really bored while on the job or during my commute like on the Sims Buildit, I played with with with it. EA gets a bad rep and they deserve it I have ta admit they provide decent customer support. They supplied direct real-time customer service despite a 12 hour difference timezone if my phone had a difficulty in saving my game advancement to the cloud and even gave me 20$ value of Simoleon Cash as compensation. I spent 0 money on runescape before and then lol. Meanwhile, the runescape leaves plenty of money off of sub fees and MTX and they still haven't correctly updated all runescape, have poor clients service, possess a clunky cash shop directed to the browser out of runescape customer like its 2001, possess the same ugly runescape player character versions since 2013, and outdated forums.

This is the core of the topic. It's the answer to each question. The only real change will be attempts to further leverage assets for additional revenue. If you feel that you can change this, that any individual or coordinated community action can change that you're delusional.Jagex has not been Jagex since the Gowers made the choice to sell their stakes in the organization. Jagex is an asset. This will never change. Those companies bought Jagex together with the expectation that they'd receive a return on funds invested. This is normal business entirely reasonable and practice.

Jagex's owners are a Chinese company. They do not care. They won't ever care. For them Jagex is a cash cow. And they'll continue to set targets for Jagex to meet in terms of ROI. And I can only imagine these goals will become more competitive over time because of the dire fiscal circumstances the parent firm currently finds itself in.An"unsubscribe day" can do nothing whatsoever. If you would like to send a message imply and that you have to unsub it. I stopped playing 6 months ago for reasons unrelated. I really don't wish to pay cash so I won't, to become upset and buy RS gold frustrated. I follow RS to find out if there is a change of direction that will induce me to sub again.

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