Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

For this upgrade centered around the Vulbis Dofus

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(But how!?) WTF? Are you really looking to Dofus Kamas ilyzaelle waste the time of Dofus players one to the Dofus wiki on Fandom? Are you currently taking my things? It is my business and how I utilize my soul stones! There have been lots of unpleasant changes made lately... dropping the celebrities... adding penalties to regions (which makes it harder to level alts)... changing Vulbis to a quest item, despite how Dofus players stated they enjoyed it as a rare fall (and really wanted more rare drops also ). . .making DT breeding too time-consuming and almost impossible. . .constant adjustments to the stats and components of gear and other craftables. . .etc.

What are you trying to do to your crowd, who operate to market Dofus game? I believe that you ought to quit dividing your focus. Take the Warspear approach. End Wakfu by transferring those Dofus players along with the very best features to Dofus, then make Dofus and Dufus Touch compatible. And, stop changing things that Dofus players enjoy in favor of scenic hopes.

For this upgrade centered around the Vulbis Dofus, two areas are in the spotlight: Crocuzko Island along with the Dreggon Peninsula. They are entirely separate regions with dungeons, equipment, and new monsters waiting for you although the Vulbis quest will take you there! Crocuzko Island (also called Tortoise Island) is a portion of the Archipelago of Scales. Found to Otomai's west, you have been able to set foot there before on another part of the archipelago -- Crocatan Island -- during the pursuit for the Ebony Dofus.

You have itThe archipelago is motivated by the pre-Colombian interval, populated by a lost civilization of Crocodyls.As far as decor is worried, it was crucial to stay consistent throughout the archipelago whilst offering a different experience from what had already been achieved on Crocatan or Orado Island (which is not present in Dofus however Dofus Touch). The thought was to take another look at the components of Crocotan -- temples and swamps -- but to accommodate them. Crocuzko Island is under a curse which plunged it and created all of its inhabitant albino. We also wished to make the most of the crocos to make a place that's one part underwater, the other.

Dreggon Village is a symbolic place in the World of Twelve. What's more, there have been several problems in the area:Graphically, both the underground and refuge areas were antiquated -- the designers call that the"DOFUS 2.0 design", which means that the region hasn't been changed for the previous 51 patches, and some of the decor components even date back into Dofus 1... Visually, they are also too similar to each other to Cheap Dofus Kamas understand where you are in a glimpse (if you've already spent an hour touring the sanctuary seeking a named Dreggon until you realize they reside in the underground area, you know what I am talking about...).

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