Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

By the way: this does not indicate

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By the way: this does not indicate that Dofus Kamas we are completely abandoning the possibility of generating more"demanding" content in the future. We are going to keep considering the most effective ways to supply this kind of content to the Dofus players who request it, while still making sure that it's accessible and interesting to as many Dofus players as possible. Idols and Achievements are already useful tools to make available a substantial difficulty boost for articles that's still generally accessible, but we aspire to iterate on those mechanisms so as to feed the insatiable appetites of the toughest Dofus players.

Helping us inferior account plebs. To me it felt as though a team shared among individuals on something or discord or controlled by 1 individual could figure out how to do because of the amount of coordination they need, some end game dungeons. Especially now on echo where when you eventually get a group, somebody may not speak english and it gets even more difficult to explain aaaall the rules.However this will also help all those people with a team who get other people through end-game dungeons for mad number of kamas and accomplishment resources. That is fine for today one problem at one time!

Its great that u saw so helpfull peps, for solo Dofus players its hard to find 3 more peps to maneuver some dungs, all host is complete off" leexhing frig 3 or more catseye dungs to get 14mk" its not nirnal, pay cash for just some crosings? Just very unfair, I find one way, all people must make 4-8 guy tems and leech each other.If I need to pass catseye or vortex dung to get a quest, im not ready to look for a good Dofus players for like 3-4 days, and dont need to cover 10mk+ to get some dude who donated he 8char team, sits and waits for solo Dofus players who is geting those 10mk extremely hard. . I mean passing dimension dungs its like 30 mins task, and u get 10mk on 4 chars, so thats 2.5mk in 30 mins, thats asick way to make kamas, and we solo Dofus players have ti make that 10mk at 3-5days, so we soloing Dofus players dont have a decision, we must wait 3-4days to locate perfect peps for dunging or we have to pay huge poutch of kamas.

I see you made decision and probably can't and won't change anything now, but for future - everything about creating easy/normal/hard modes which you offer? Quest, or Cheap Kamas Dofus Retro whatever, and give rewards depending on which, or for instance dungeon mode Dofus participant did. No idea how well that will work, neither have more detailed info, but maybe you do.Agreed with InkSix, even in the event that you've got weak staff you can create some"abusive" tactic that will make you win it after lots of tries if you aren't really feeble (team/brain) owner.

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