Additionally you should view it through our eyes Additionally you should view it through our eyes

I see can't and you made decision and will not change anything now

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Just very unfair, I see 1 way, all individuals must make 4-8 guy tems and leech each other.If I should pass on catseye or vortex dung to get a quest, im not prepared to look for Dofus Kamas ilyzaelle a fantastic Dofus players for like 3-4 days, and dont want to pay 10mk+ for some dude who given he 8char staff, begs and begs for solo Dofus players who is geting those 10mk really hard. .

I see can't and you made decision and will not change anything now, but for future - what about making modes that are easy/normal/hard for articles that you offer? For instance dungeon, or quest, or whatever, and provide rewards depending on which style Dofus player did. No idea how well that will work, neither have more detailed advice, but maybe you do.Agreed with InkSix, even in the event that you've got weak team you're able to create some"abusive" tactic that will make you acquire it after lots of tries if you aren't really feeble (team/brain) proprietor.

I'm very excited with this change... I haven't played ANY of the dungeons on this list. . .lol. Obviously, I am going STRAIGHT back to Frigost 3! Running numerous accounts may be a nuisance, particularly when you're just starting a team up. Additionally, an MMO shouldn't rely on multiaccounting for its dungeon.

Glad they'll add visual effects. In the future there are visual effects for every state in the Dofus game for example, torpid bearbarians state where he supplies mp to beg when mp raped. Not boss fights, just all struggles generally. The Dofus game might end up being littered with small icons but when done properly, it might look really easy and be extremely helpful. Something as simple as hovering over a mob and it lists states and all active buffs, while showing the etc.

Why not guys literally just add like 3 different difficulty levels on the dungeons... You understand... Like literally any MMO out there... Instead of altering dungeons simply add a feature where Buy Kamas Dofus Retro when you enter into the dungeon you choose what difficulty you want to take part in. .

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