I've got an amazing maplestory2 idea

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The principal thing is that I no longer have hours to play everyday, and if finish game supervisors made me a decent amount of mesos, I really could quit merching entirely and just login every Thursday to kill the supervisors, and generally enjoy a more pleasurable gaming experience.Maplestory 2 Mesos buy The lack of a aspect, in case you've killed these bosses, has to do with the reality that after you kill is near worthless. Maybe the encounter may be rewarding the very first time you kill them since they were finally killed by you but after a while it becomes a'chore', and an ineffective one in that.

Okay, so I only started playing with this game a few days ago because a couple of people were telling me it had been. Not gonna lie - This match, in its present state, is BORING.Why? The problem is that this sport feels like Adventure Quest and is a single-player sport. Sure, it's a match with a big planet, but its 2D graphics prevents it from from having the atmosphere like the Elder Scrolls games.

The remedy is simple. Make this match multiplayer. I think a good deal of people here would agree with me that this match could be a lot more enjoyable if we can share the experience with many people.I do not know when the guys over at Nexon understand about this game named World of Warcraft, but it is a sport where plenty of people exist in one world rather than everybody residing in their world. Playing by yourself makes that match dull like this game, but going and partying on raids is what makes the game enjoyable. It is the community that makes the game great. If Nexon added multiplayer this game can get that same experience.

I have an archer at level 140. Wouldn't it be cool if there were some folks training ? Rather, I'm grinding . Just seeing people passing by or training in precisely the exact same place as me would make me feel so much better even if it is not a celebration.

Right now, because this match Maple story M Mesos is single-player, the game feels really lonely that I do not wish to play with it in its existing state.Anyway, I expect that the guys over at Nexon listen to my advice and add multiplayer.

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