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TOP3 that has been in service for over 15 decades

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Maplestory IP (Intellectual Property Rights), the representative game of Korea, is revealing its strong worldwide Maplestory 2 Mesos buy brand energy because it celebrates its 13th anniversary this season.

MapleStory, that was first established in North America in May 2005, was supplying stable support for more than 13 years, establishing a listing of 133,000 concurrent users.

The Maple Story, Korea's representative online game celebrating its 15th anniversary at Korea service, notified the news of the appearance of the'Black Wizard', also settled in the TOP3 of Korea's PC room share standing with an increasing popularity curve for an alarming rate. It is the only one in my TOP3 that has been in service for over 15 decades and has maintained its TOP10 steadily. Last June, after the announcement of this'Black Wizard', which revealed the'Black Wizard', which had been the start of all evil in the game story, it immediately became popular among Korean users and became the number one position portal. Immediately after launch its first update, the number of concurrent users increased by more than two times due to explosive interest.

Nexon America will assume the baton in earnest and reveal the"Black Mage" update to international users.From November 14th to the end of January next year, I'll apply the contents of'The Black Wizard' to the international'Maple Story'. In the end, if the consumer who played'Maple Story' Begin trainings. Nexon America is ready to offer a number of events, entertainment and attractions to meet the requirements of the global users with the update of the'Black Wizard' which altered all records in Korea.

'High Freedom' is regarded as the most popular factor of'Maple Story 2'. You can create your own map, play games inside, decorate with the amount of characters you can not count, and revel in the sport as you like. Users who underwent'Maple Story 2' appreciated the popularity of content such as cute characters and fascinating quests throughout the Steam Review board. From the regional media (webzine), they rated the game highly as"a creative RPG customized from the user".

Nexon Americas Lee Jungsoo, president of the company, said,"As a result of the two beta tests, we've gathered opinions from customers and reflected from the sport. As a result," Maple Story 2"is getting great response from the western area at precisely the same time as the ceremony. And We'll continue to provide good support through quick content updates and locally optimized operations" 'MapleStory' IP is steadily loved in the western area because of its powerful localization strategy and worldwide service capacity based on the partial Maple M Mesos commercialization which was the new business model at the time.

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