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U-BOAT U-42 AUTOMATIC 6157 Replica Watch

U-BOAT U-42 AUTOMATIC 6157 Replica Watch

Audemars Piguet Code 11.59 - Uncompromising eternal and unconventional

Audemars Piguet fake watches launched the latest collection earlier this year, giving this timeless round watch a modern look. Audemars Piguet's Code 11.59 exemplifies the indomitable spirit of the watchmaker, breaking the boundaries of time, geometry and gender.

Subtle color
This fall, a new collection of leather straps brings a subtle shade of blue, brown, grey and pearl to the collection.

The strap is directly fused with the continuity of the lugs, which have been welded to the ultra-thin bezel, revealing exquisite hand-finishing techniques that decorate the unconventional and multi-faceted structure of the case.

Ergonomic design
Audemars Piguet's code 11.59 is designed for men and women, the first in watchmaking history, refuting gender boundaries. The complex case consists of an octagonal mid-shell embedded in a round bezel and a back, which can be adapted to different wrists. Its optimal curved ergonomic design makes it comfortable for everyone with a diameter of 41mm. The curved contour of the case also reflects the innovative design of the swiss fake watches.

The modern and sober aesthetics of the collection adapt to different looks.

Creating history
Audemars Piguet's code 11.59 represents the most comprehensive release in the history of watchmaking, with 13 references, including 4 complex functions and 3 new movements: integrated chronograph with column wheel and flyback Table, self-winding movement with second hand and date display and automatic tourbillon movement. These movements are hand-decorated to the finest details with a sophisticated finishing technique that combines tradition and innovation.

The series is always on the verge of tomorrow and will show new changes in 2020!

Ulysse Nardin Limited Edition Diver Deep Dive "One Wave" Introduction

Ulysse Nardin fake watches is pleased to announce a partnership with One of Wave, a highly respected non-profit organization, and a limited edition Diver Deep Dive to commemorate the organization.

The goal of “A Wave Again” is to help injured or disabled veterans perform surfing treatments and return them to the water by providing customized surfing equipment and assistance. Their mission to help veterans through ocean therapy has resonated strongly with Ulysse Nardin, who has a long-standing relationship with the sea.
“I have an unforgettable first-hand experience to watch veterans in the One Wave program in action,” said François-XavierHotier, president of Ulysse Nardin Americas. A friend of Hodir introduced him to "More Waves" and then met with "More Waves" Managing Director Kyle Buckett and visited the United States in Coronado, California. Navy SEAL training camp. “Their dedication, courage and friendship are encouraging, and we hope to bring more understanding to this important work.”

Ulysse Nardin's deep roots with the US Navy date back to 1905, when Ulysse Nardin won the competition to create the most accurate ocean chronograph, and then became The official supplier of the US Navy.BREMONT ALT1-C CLASSIC POLISHED ALT1-C/PW

In addition to donations, Ulysse Nardin hopes to raise awareness and raise funds for the organization by launching the Diver Deep Dive “One Wave”. The timepiece features a striking yellow and black design, a black DLC titanium case and 1000m water resistance. The “One Wave” logo is engraved on the bottom cover to indicate the partnership. OMW members designed this limited-edition timepiece as a watch that can withstand the highly variable pressures experienced while surfing, while subtly embodying the founder's background in the amphibious war.

One More Wave was established in the US Navy SEAL community and is a certified non-profit organization 501(c)(3). They are based in San Diego and have been helping disabled veterans since 2015. OneWave owns and operates their workshops to create customized surfboards for injured or disabled veterans to meet their needs and benefit them from the unique therapeutic qualities of surfing.

Kyle Buckett said: "In fact, surfing is one of the most effective treatments for depression and post-traumatic stress." "When veterans are in the marine environment, they are completely in the present and can escape them." Casualties and trauma. Our job is to provide them with the right equipment and connect them to the growing surf veterans community."

Two limited editions celebrate the milestone of the Seiko chronograph

Seiko's contribution to the chronograph is well known, thanks to the Calibre 6139, which was released in 1969, the world's first automatic chronograph with a column wheel and a vertical clutch. However, in fact, the history of Seiko chronographs has long since begun, and pocket watch chronographs were introduced in the early 1940s.U-BOAT U-42 replica watches

Today, this long and long tradition is celebrated in two new automatic chronographs to commemorate two iconic watches from 1964 and 1969. One is the Prospex series and the other is Presage.

Commemorating the 1969 Classic
Of course, the 6139 calibre introduced in 1969 was an important milestone in the history of Seiko because it was one of the first automatic chronographs in the world, but its real significance was that it combined the column wheel and the vertical clutch. The 6139 movement can really improve the accuracy and the elapsed time can be measured in the watch. Today, the combination of vertical clutches and column wheels has been widely recognized as a prerequisite for advanced chronographs. In 1969, this was an important advancement in automatic watches.

The new Prospex limited edition watch commemorating this 1969 landmark features the Seiko's most advanced chronograph movement, the 8R48, which was first manufactured in 2014. In addition to the vertical clutch and the column wheel, it combines Seiko's unique three-pointed hammer and heart-shaped cam to ensure perfect synchronization of the hands. This watch is based on the favorite design of that era. Because of the black small dial of the two white dials, it is called "Panda" among Seiko fans. It has the same hairline finish as the original dial, the same pointer and the orange tip of the second hand, the same hour mark and the tachymeter baffle mark.

In addition, the new movement also provides a third sub-dial for the second hand, with an updated case design in Zaratsu polished and box-shaped sapphire crystal.

Remember the 1964 Seiko Crown Chronograph
The 1964 Crown Chronograph was Seiko and Japan's first chronograph. Every aspect of the watch is designed from scratch, marking the beginning of the manufacture of Seiko chronographs. It has a simple one-button mechanism but fully demonstrates the same level of precision commitment as the caliber 6139 and all its follow-up products, including the column wheel for controlling start, stop and reset functions.

The new chronograph is faithful to the design of the 1964 Crown Chronograph. Its box-shaped crystal, clear numbers on the narrow bezel and inwardly sloping case shape allow the watch to be worn tightly on the wrist. Of course, every detail will be upgraded. The movement is an 8R48 movement with a 12-hour chronograph and 45-hour power reserve. The inner surface of the sapphire crystal has an anti-reflective coating and the lugs are polished by Zaratsu.Breitling Premier B01 AB0118A21B1A1 replica

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